Genesis Rising

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Composer: Aleksandar Randjelovic
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Humanity is facing final elimination when several alien races team up to get rid of the human plague. After humans are hunted down one by one, one Hero stands up to unite the scattered remains of his species. Though his captured, tortured and killed, the Hero's death leads to the finding of the Church of the Savior. Humans are now hell-bent on conquering the universe, but there's one last step they must seize: the Universal Heart, an enigmatic place thought to be responsible for all life. Captain Iconah (the player's character) must follow in his father's footsteps to reveal the secret of this hidden place.

Genesis Rising: The Universal Crusade is a 3D Real-time strategy game set in a distant future where humans are now repeating history in their attempt to lead a crusade against the whole universe. The game takes place in space, where players must control their ships and eliminate the opponents coming from different races. The novelties of this RTS include fully organic spaceships (instead of lifeless metal beasts) plus the fact that humans are the dominant species instead of some alien master race. It is however this air of superiority that may mean mankind's end if they don’t pay attention.

Composer Aleksandar Randjelovic is one of the busiest composers of the Balkan with several Serbian and now international productions to his name. He graduated from Faculty of Dramatic Arts in Belgrade (University of Arts in Belgrade) in Sound Design and Recording. Randjelovic started his film music career as an assistant to Goran Bregovic, the regular collaborator of director Emir Kusturica. His other credits include Travelator by Dusan Milic (together with music from Dieter Meier of the Swiss electronica band “Yello”) and the war drama St. George Shoots the Dragon (also available from KeepMoving Records).

The music for Genesis Rising: The Universal Crusade is an exciting blend of orchestral, choral and electronic music that could feel at home in an epic historical film as well. Since video game score often rely on short loopable cues, this CD has been constructed in a way to be a pleasant listening experience through mood paintings to reflect on different scenarios. Themes of calmness and mystery are typical elements of RTS games, while the introduction of a love theme evokes a traditional romance, drawing further parallels between humanity’s past and future. The whole score comes together in the climatic “Revelation” to unleash choral majesty as the Universal Heart reveals its secrets…

Limited edition of 500 copies.
Label: KMRCD 009
Date: 2007
Tracks: 11
Time: 32"47


01 - Main Menu (03:10)
02 - Defiance (03:18)
03 - Calm (03:47)
04 - Premonition (03:13)
05 - Love Theme (02:48)
06 - Inqusition (01:27)
07 - Lapis (03:36)
08 - Battle Theme (02:05)
09 - Cruciform (06:52)
10 - Mystery Theme (03:38)
11 - Revelation (00:52)
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