Back In Time

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Composer: Ivan Burlaev
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Andrey Malyukov’s Back in Time (My iz budushchego) is a fantasy drama about World War II and how modern generations seem to overlook the importance and historical legacy of the conflict. The main protagonists of the story are seemingly all about World War II: they play simulator games on their PCs and collect military artifacts as well, yet they are still unaware about the true horrors of the battlefield. War memorabilia has become a profitable business with collectors and treasure hunters tearing up the ground in search of shells, medals and documents – yet none of them actually lived through the war. While our group keeps looking for more precious historical artifacts, they come across a par particularly valuable cache of vintage weapons, medals, and assorted documents. From then on, things will only get spookier.

After finding the great loot, the thrill seekers are treated to a serious of disturbing visions, including a pale, barefoot man who suddenly appears before vanishing without a trace. The adventures continue in a lake when the team discovers and old scrapbook by the murdered soldier, featuring rare photos that were taken during the war. When they resurface, the horrors of World War II finally catch up to them when a mysterious time rifts opens up a portal and sends our heroes back to 1942. The time travel brings out the best and worst from our heroes: for some it means love, for others it means more profit from the misery of others. But even if the treasures could be collected, the questions remains: how will they take it home?

After scoring Pushkin: The Last Duel, composer Ivan Burlyaev shows his more modern side with Back in Time, whose story promises an eclectic score mixed from traditional elements and electronic overlays. On one hand, the score has a patriotic spirit with choral majesty representing the historical past, while the time traveler’s modern, cynical perspective appears in the form of contemporary and jaded electronics and the occasional folk-techno inserts. These two wildly different worlds still manage to find a common ground as the treasure hunters learn valuable life lessons about their exploitation of past misery. The album closes with a brief Requiem as a memory to those who gave their life for the noble cause during World War II. Burlyaev’s score to Pushkin: The Last Duel is also available from KeepMoving Records.

Limited edition of 1000 copies.
Label: KMRCD 005
Date: 2008
Tracks: 35
Time: 67"17


01 - Tribal Fight (01:24)
02 - Dug-out (03:05)
03 - Wrong Way (00:40)
04 - Babushka (00:41)
05 - The Found Documents (01:19)
06 - Welcome to the Past (04:07)
07 - August 19th,1942/Meeting Nina (01:15)
08 - Air Strike/Tank Attack/Brave Nina (04:37)
09 - Germans Retreat (01:10)
10 - NOstradamus (00:59)
11 - Osobist (00:54)
12 - Burial of the Fallen Soldiers (01:10)
13 - Flirting (01:06)
14 - Unsuccessful Attempt (01:49)
15 - Babushka Deja Vu (01:48)
16 - Behind the Destiny (05:59)
17 - On Mission (01:17)
18 - Captured Officer/Yemelyanov's Feat (03:34)
19 - Chase (01:10)
20 - Sokolov (01:21)
21 - Escape (02:26)
22 - Sokolov's Death (00:44)
23 - Love is Alive (01:33)
24 - Latina (01:29)
25 - Sorrow (02:51)
26 - Brotherhood (01:00)
27 - Last Combat (02:54)
28 - How Russians Fight (02:13)
29 - After Atack (01:01)
30 - Countdown (02:07)
31 - Fatum(Fate) (01:28)
32 - Overcoming (01:28)
33 - Heroic Song (01:40)
34 - Saving Chukha/Way to Home (02:21)
35 - Requiem (02:17)
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