Sea Dogs

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Composer: Yuri Poteyenko
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Sea Dogs is a 2000 Russian role-playing video game developed by Akella and published by Bethesda Softworks. The epic adventure sea takes place on a fictional archipelago in the Caribbean, where French British and Spanish colonies are mixed with fortified pirate hideouts. It's up to the player which power he will serve: he can be a captain working for one of the European powers, or he can become a pirate as well. With its custom 3D game engine, Sea Dogs was one of the most successful Windows games coming from Russia and it could have been a great band if the name hadn’t gotten tied up in legal limbo.

The main hero of Sea Dogs is Nicholas, who was raised by his mother on her own. Nicholas' only memories of his father are his departure on a ship and a golden medallion he bestowed on his son. As our hero grows up, he seeks nautical adventures just like his father did. After getting captured by the Spanish, Nicholas escapes with a small ship and a crew - their arrival to a British colony is the starting point of our story. While collecting gold is still a prime objective in the game, the player will also have the chance to find out what had happened to Nicholas’ father – and changing your flag a few times may help this mission!

Poteyenko’s Sea Dogs score is a wonderful, adventurous accompaniment for the popular game with separate mood themes for the weather conditions (in sailing mode), plus original patriotic themes for the three major nations. The fights and their aftermath are scored with religiously inspired music: the battle theme incorporates the classic Medieval theme “Dies Irae”, while the defeat theme is based on “Domine Jesu”. Rounded out by a catchy main theme for the menus, this is one musical treasure chest you don’t want to miss.

Limited edition of 1500 copies.

Label: KMRCD 001
Date: 2000
Tracks: 11
Time: 31"24

Adrenaline Vault Review:
"Musical Score: **** Thanks to the participation of the Moscow Symphonic Orchestra and the Chamber Chorus of the Moscow Conservatory, Sea Dogs’ original music is truly impressive. The score is of extremely high audio quality, with a special musical theme for the French, English, Spanish and pirates. Rousing and epic in quality, the soundtrack keeps you on the edge of your seat and enhances the mood of the play"


01 - Main Theme (01:43)
02 - Storm (02:11)
03 - England Theme (03:28)
04 - Battle Theme – “Dies Irae” (05:41)
05 - France Theme (02:24)
06 - Spain Theme (04:28)
07 - Defeat Theme – “Domine Jesu” (03:12)
08 - Fog (01:38)
09 - Triumph (00:45)
10 - Sunrise (03:21)
11 - Menu Theme – Sea (02:20)
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