Maciek Dobrowolski

Polish composer Maciek Dobrowolski was born in 1986. His interest in music started when he was thirteen years old and film scoring inspired him in several fields of creativity. He used to draw while listening to James Horner’s score for Titanic on tape or use the soundtrack while he was reading Tolkien’s The Lord of the Rings. Hans Zimmer’s music for The Rock inspired Maciek to become a film composer, so he startedy studying the piano, then later classical guitar. He also addended the history major of Warsaw University, but his true calling card came with the Berklee network, the online version of Berklee College of Music. Maciek’s first score was written for Adam Zych’s short Warsaw. His next big commission was the video game They, put the project got shelved when the developer focused its attention on a different game. Clockwise is Maciek’s feature film debut, written for the first movie produced in Qatar.


film soundtracksClockwiseClockwise
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film soundtracksClockwiseThe Aftermath
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film soundtracksClockwise
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