Paul Cristo

Composer Paul Cristo originally studied music at Berklee College of Music and the multitude of styles he perfected his skills at served him well for his chosen profession: writing music for film. He composed his first films score in 2001 for David Morwick's Little Erin Merryweather, which was recorded in a Boston chapel by 13 musicians and a 60 piece choir.

Since then, he had written, orchestrated and conducted a great number of film scores such as William Katt's coming-of-age story River's End and Daniel Pace's mystery movie The Appearance of a Man. More recently his music could be heard in Species: The Awakening (co-composed with Kevin Haskins) and episodes of Warehouse 13. In addition to providing original scores, Paul also orchestrates for composer Ryan Shore (Shadows, Articles of War, Stan Helsing).

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"LITTLE ERIN MERRYWEATHER"  Original Motion Picture Score


film soundtracksLittle Erin MerryweatherMain Titles
film soundtracksLittle Erin MerryweatherFirst Victim
film soundtracksLittle Erin MerryweatherPeter Sees Erin/ Second Victim
film soundtracksLittle Erin MerryweatherPaula Teaches
film soundtracksLittle Erin MerryweatherLibrary Closes/ Paula Researches/ Rush to the Library
film soundtracksLittle Erin MerryweatherFinale


film soundtracksLittle Erin Merryweather
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