Lawrence Shragge

  Canadian composer Lawrence Shragge studied composition at the Berklee School of Music before returning to Toronto to establish himself as a reliable and passionate composer of film and television music; he was nominated for two Gemini Awards for his work on the British-Canadian historical series The Campbells. In 1990, he scored Hemdale Films’ powerful true story Beautiful Dreamer about the superintendant of an insane asylum whose life turns around once he learns about the works of Walt Whitman. Lawrence frequently worked with Handmade Films’ too (Intimate Relations, The Assistant and The Wrong Guy), but his best known works may be his scores for Hallmark Television. These small-screen movies cover a wide variety of topics and genres like the William Faulkner adaptation Old Man, the heartfelt romance of The Magic of Ordinary Days or the slimy terror of Vipers. One of Lawrence’s most frequent collaborators is director David Wu (a former editor of John Woo) with who he worked on the Andersen adaptation Snow Queen, the arachnophobic horror Webs, the Chinese-themed adventure Son of the Dragon, the magical Merlin’s Apprentice and more recently Iron Road about the hardships of building railroads across the US. Lawrence had recently completed a pair of chilling horror films (The Frankenstein Syndrome, Hyenas) in addition to still regularly working with Hallmark and Lifetime on their television films.






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