Jorgen Lauritsen

Working with top level pro's in film, tv, concerts, cd productions; Stephen Schwartz (academy award winner), Marco Beltrami (The Omen, Live Strong, Die Hard...), European orchestras, bands, and soloists, danish filmmakers. 2004 made the score for movie "Strings" dstributed all over the world and highly praised as "The most rewarding score of 2004" by writers. Arranger of great scores for pop recordings including danish version of #1 world hit "No Promises". Born Aug 9, 1966 in Denmark Educated 1990 from Royal Danish Academy of Music MA in theory, organ, piano, conducting. Also graduated 1992 from Rhythmic Music Conservatory Copenhagen as jazz pianist and arranger. Also graduated from same school as composer 1998 with professor Bob Brookmeyer. 1991-92 Lived in New York City, studying stride pian, bebop and classical piano. 1992-present day professional arranger, musician, composer, conductor, producer of theatre shows, films, concerts, recordings and music in general. Frequent collaborations with foreign professionals in live performances and recordings.


film soundtracksStringsDeath of the King/Main Title
film soundtracksStringsMausoleum/Quest Begins
film soundtracksStringsThe Swamp/Hal's Nightmare
film soundtracksStringsMountain Climb/Jhinna in Prison
film soundtracksStringsStranger with No Name/Ghrak's Renewal
film soundtracksStringsAkra's Death
film soundtracksStringsTied by Hate and Bound by Love/The Path of Betrayal
film soundtracksStringsHal Lost in Desert
film soundtracksStringsSome People Are Bound Together
film soundtracksStringsFight for Freedom/Jhinna's Execution
film soundtracksStringsPrelude to War
film soundtracksStringsThe Final Battle/Hal Return/Burning Strings/After the War
film soundtracksStringsJhinna's Farewell


film soundtracksStrings
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